Krav Maga/Self Defense

SMAA is the top Krav Maga/self defense training center and only Active Killer Response training center in the Detroit Area. The curriculum is approachable, progressive and dynamic — the way Krav Maga was meant to be.

This class is open to all students and will be spending time on all portions of the curriculum. No experience necessary! Class will focus on self-defense and self-protection ranging from training combatives to learning about pre-contact cues and danger avoidance.


SoMich Kids

Not all kid’s martial arts programs are created equally. Our Kid’s Krav Maga focuses on non-traditional martial arts, no Karate here, to give them necessary skills to combat real-world hardships. Want your child to experience this fun, engaging, and multi-beneficial training for all skill levels? Call or email us today for a FREE trial class!



Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting.

Our BJJ program has self defense and competition elements and is overseen by Nova Uniao 4rd Degree Black Belt Professor Marcelo Melerio.

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Boxing is one of the oldest forms of martial arts and the ultimate full body work out. This is a traditional boxing program that includes mitt work and sparring. Great work out for cardio and strength training. Will improve your body composition and its a great stress reliever! Run by Coach Brandon and Coach John.

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Ladies Only Program

Ladies Only Self-Defense Program. Krav Maga is the most efficient and effective Self-Defense method in the world. This six-week program will teach you the foundations you need to keep yourself safe. All fitness levels welcome! Currently running every Tuesday from September 10-October 15 at 6:00pm, ages 13 and up. $99 per person, includes boxing gloves. Register now by phone (734-775-6581), or email us at